Yummy Detox Drink

5 Dec

Here is a brief break between Thanksgiving and Christmas posts….  maybe what some of us need as we race head first into the Christmas season….

We all know that water is the best thing you can drink for your body.  Water keeps all our parts (and by parts, I mean internal organs) properly hydrated so they can move the toxins through our bodies.

I don’t like the taste of water… My husband thinks I am crazy – which is not totally untrue at some points – but I think water has a taste and it’s a taste I don’t particularly like.  I like coffee, and tend to drink cup after cup of coffee all day long.  The Keurig machine makes it so easy to have a fresh cup of coffee whenever you want.  It’s certainly the appliance that gets the most use in my kitchen…

But it’s not a problem because:

detox drink - need coffee

I have to admit, I haven’t been feeling particularly peppy lately, and I’m pretty sure my choosing coffee over any other beverage is part of the problem.  OK, I’ve admitted this problem to the world and I’m hoping I found a solution that will help….

What you need to make 1 gallon Yummy Detox Drink:

1 lemon

½ cucumber

Handful of fresh mint leaves



Gallon-sized container

detox drink - ingredients

You will want to put this drink together at night and let the juices of the ingredients infuse into the water so you can drink it throughout the next day.  You will want to make a fresh batch each night because after about 24 hours, the ingredients will turn bitter.  It is recommended that you drink between ½ gallon and a gallon of the beverage each day.  Some folks do this Detox drink for a 3 day stint while eating healthy, other folks drink this every day – totally a matter of personal preference.

To extract the most flavors into the drink, you will want to slice the lemon and cucumber rather thin.  I also tore the mint leaves by hand instead of cutting them with a knife.  I started by cutting the mint leaves, but found the knife bruised the leaves more than if I tore them.  Since I wanted to keep this drink as fresh as I could for as long as I could, I went with the tearing method.

detox drink - slice ingredients

Since I was making this drink in the morning to drink that day, I needed to help the flavor infusing process move along a little faster.  I put the cucumber, lemon & mint into the container and ‘smooshed’ the items to release the juices and oils.  If you are able to make this the night before you will be drinking it, you should avoid this ‘smooshing’ step since this will definitely bruise the mint pieces.

detox drink - in a rush

Add ice to the container if you want your drink to be ice cold.

detox drink - add ice

Add water to the container up to the 1 gallon mark.

detox drink - add water

Let this jug sit in the fridge for approximately 8 hours, or overnight.


After your 8 hours of beauty sleep (I wish…), you should wake up, pour a big glass and

detox drink - enjoy

Do you have any recipes for yummy detox drinks?  Or any yummy flavored water drinks that are good for you?  If so, please share with us by commenting on this post.


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