Easy School Lunch Ideas That Your Kids Will Actually Eat

29 Aug

It’s that time of year again, when your house is barraged with the routine that comes with going back to school.  One of those routines is religiously packing a lunch for your darling little ones and hoping that they actually eat what you send to school.

 girls with brown bag lunches

Scouring Pinterest (I just LOVE that site), I found that the trend for school lunches seems to be lunches that are de-constructed.  It seems that breaking apart the meal into little compartments allows the most flexibility with your menu of choices. 

 Pinterest school lunches

Ziplock or Rubbermaid reusable containers with dividers provide the ‘compartments’ you need without ‘breaking the bank’.  Remember folks, these are kids we are talking about so fancy expensive containers are just as likely to not make it back home to you as the cheaper containers.  Save yourself the headache…

Ziplock divided containers

The following suggestions are the ones that I thought were the most “fun” for the elementary school set:

Easy School Lunch Ideas from Emmy Mom

Emmy Mom lunches #1 Emmy Mom lunches #2


Project Lunch Box from Family Fresh Cooking

 Project-Lunchbox-lunch suggestion

Lunch Box Idea List from Wendolonia

 Wendolonia Lunch-Box-Idea-List

And probably the most clever idea of all is this DIY Ice Pack to keep your child’s lunch chilled until they get a chance to eat it.  Thanks to My Kitchen Escapades for the idea!  Unfortunately, I could not copy a picture of it to entice you to go o their blog post, so I would ask that you

click here button


to see the picture and read the blog.

Happy Back To School to everyone!  Feel free to comment on this post with any fun ideas you have to make lunches good enough to eat.


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