Summer Sports – Survival Guide – Intro Post

22 Jun

School just got out, but Summer Sports has already started.  What??? Yup, you heard me, summer sports begin before school gets out!!!!


Translation: parents that commit to summer sports commit to give up any chance of a normal summer vacation.

In order to participate in All Star Baseball in our town, the parents must sign a contract that you are committing to the team and you agree that your child cannot miss a practice or a game for the duration of the teams eligibility to play.  Aka – the better the team is, the longer your child will play and the longer your baseball commitment is.

sign contract

We’ve been through this before so it’s not new to us…. last summer, my son was chosen to play on our town’s 10 year old All Star baseball team.  The teams were declared before school ended and daily practices start THAT SAME DAY.  Lucky for us, the team did well and won their District championship.  This put us on the path to play in the Sectionals for our state.  They were eventually eliminated from the tournament so they turned around and played in a local tournament – you know, for good measure…


Baseball finished at the very end of July – but NO WORRIES, Football started on August 1st.  But that commitment is only 4 days a week.  Can you say ‘Long Weekend’ for a family summer vacation?

weekend getaway

This may drive some folks crazy, but we consider ourselves fortunate for the opportunity for our son to experience the honor of getting to represent our town in the best of baseball.  What this does mean though is family life changes quite a bit, and we are more ‘on the road’ than ever.  Between the busy schedule and the heat of summer, we have come up with some ideas that make life a little easier – for all the baseball families involved.


baseball (Photo credit: theseanster93)

In the next few posts, I will share with you some of the things that worked for us last year and will hopefully help you survive the summer sports season – or any other summer activities you and your family participates in….


Stay Tuned for our suggestions, and we are anxiously hoping to hear from you with tips & tricks you have employed to survive the Summer Season!!!

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