Her First Mother’s Day? How to Make it Memorable…

2 May

After pregnancy, childbirth and a new born baby, a woman’s first Mother’s Day should be a memorable one.  Whether it’s your wife, your sister or your good friend, we’d like to share some ideas to help you make her day special.

Let her Sleep…

Woman Sleeping

Let her sleep on Mother’s Day

What new mother wouldn’t love to sleep in on Mother’s Day?  It’s amazing how a little more sleep can make her feel like a new woman.  After the last feeding at night, make sure you are ready to hop right out of bed once the baby starts stirring so they don’t wake up mom.  If she is nursing the baby, make sure you have a supply of breast milk, or formula, at the ready to feed the baby while she sleeps.  One missed feeding will not hurt baby or mom, and in the long run, a well-rested (well hydrated) mom can produce more high quality breast milk.  Turn off the baby monitor in mom’s room and take the baby to a location in your home where mom can’t hear a fussy baby.

Feed her…

Breakfast in bed is the classic Mother’s Day meal for Mother’s all around the country.  How fun for a new m


Romantic Dinner at Home – enjoy it together after the baby is in bed.

other to actually get spoiled by getting to experience this very traditional activity!  Just make sure that this meal doesn’t end with the ‘sitcom-esque’ butter in the sheets, or having to face a disaster of a kitchen that will take a ½ hour to clean after her ‘treat’.

Another option for ‘feeding her’ is to take her to a favorite restaurant that you may not have been to since the baby was born.  If going out is not really an option due to a lack of babysitting options, then get that very special meal ‘To Go’ and enjoy it together after the baby is in bed.

Show her the Memories…

Framed Picture of Baby and Mom

Framed Picture of Baby and Mom

Take a favorite picture of mother & baby and have it framed.  If you have a little advance time, you can make a photo book with all sorts of pictures of mother & baby.  There are tons of websites that have templates where you can just choose a style and ‘drag & drop’ your digital pictures right into place.  My favorites are Shutterfly and Snapfish, but there are TONS of options including Wal-Mart and Walgreens where you can go and pick up the book at your local store.

Send her to the Spa…


Total relaxation at the Spa….

There is no better way to have a new mother feel re-invigorated than to have her get away for a day to relax and re-charge her batteries while she is pampered at a Day Spa.  Send her with a sister or friend so they can relax and re-connect.  If a whole day isn’t feasible, then a massage, manicure, pedicure and a relaxing lunch will certainly do the trick.  Just be careful that you don’t plan something so elaborate that mom will be more stressed out for having to leave baby for a really long time – especially if the baby is very young and mom isn’t ready to let go.  If baby is very young, maybe your best option is just to send mom for a pedicure at a local salon where baby (and baby-sitter) can go along.  That way, mom can relax knowing baby is safe and doing well, but mom still gets a bit of pampering for herself.

Don’t forget the card from Baby…


Card from Baby to Mommy

Almost two years ago my sister delivered her first baby on Mother’s Day (5 ½ weeks early).  On the way to the hospital to meet my niece, we stopped off to get a Mother’s Day card.  I signed it to my sister from the baby.  Since the baby was in the NICU and my sister couldn’t visit her due to her medical condition, I must say that that card got quite the emotional reaction.  More than I intended, because there were a lot of hormones in play at the time, but I’m still glad her very first Mother’s Day was somehow acknowledged.

Whatever you decide to do for her First Mother’s Day, just remember, that becoming a mother is the best gift of all.  Share with us how you celebrated your very first Mother’s Day by commenting on this post.


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