An Easter Story – Gift Mix

28 Mar

I found this wonderful gift idea that I found on  This can help you teach your younger children about Easter – it’s a super simple mix that you can put together with your children.  After you bag the mix up, you can have the kids hand this out to grandparents, aunt & uncles and friends.  Each time they hand a gift out, the kids can explain the significance of each of the ingredients.

Easter Story Mix

by Grace and Liberty from Nebraskacross with flowers


Gather the ingredients

pretzel sticks (represent the Cross)

Hershey’s Kisses (God’s love for you)

dried cranberries (the blood He shed)

vanilla wafers (the stone that rolled away)

gummy bears or jellybeans (your new life in Christ)

Get to work

1. Mix equal amounts of ingredients in large bowl.

2. Put into fun bags with the poem below. Give them to friends and neighbors as an Easter gift:kids with grandparents

The Cross where Jesus died,

The love for you He felt inside,

The stone He rolled away,

The life He brings today.


Easter is a gift, it’s true,

A special present from God to you.

We hope you enjoy this special treat

That makes this holy day extra sweet!


Anne-Marie Dunn is the owner of

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2 Responses to “An Easter Story – Gift Mix”

  1. Nancy March 28, 2013 at 4:51 pm #

    Now that’s something I know that the grandparents would like — especially the little poem. Thank you.

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