Family Fun for St. Patrick’s Day

13 Mar

Green Food

Kick off your celebration by assembling a smorgasbord of green foods:green eggs

  • Add green food coloring to your favorite dishes—try green mashed potatoes, green scrambled eggs, green milk, or green shamrock pancakes!
  • Cut shamrocks out of kiwi using a cookie cutter for a fun healthy treat.
  • Bring out green whole foods, such as green apples, kiwi, green grapes, celery, zucchini, spinach, lettuce, pickles, and more. These are great ideas to have some healthy food choices in the middle of some St. Patrick’s Day fun!
  • Serve meals on green paper plates, cups, and napkins.

Getting Dressed

Keep up the fun as the kids get ready for their day with some special St. Patrick’s Day touches:

  • Get yshamrock tattooour child in the spirit by painting a green shamrock on your child’s cheek with theatrical face paint or a green eye shadow pencil.
  • Make lucky coin barrettes. Find an old barrette and glue shiny pennies on top. Use tacky glue or a glue gun (adult supervision is necessary). Your child will feel like she has found the pot of gold when wearing this hair accessory.

Fun Treats

Whether you put these in the kid’s room for when they wake up, or as fun gifts they can give Grandma or Auntie, the kids will love these simple ideas:

Pots of goldpots of gold

Attach a rainbow ribbon to a little green bucket (these buckets are usually at Target or Wal-Mart this time of year for about $1).  Line the bucket with white felt and add chocolate coins, green beads or trinkets.


Mint Oreosmint oreos

These are super simple to make and will get rave reviews from your family & friends.  Melt ‘candy melt’ candy (green or white) according to the package directions.  Dip mint Oreo cookies into the candy and set on wax paper.  Sprinkle the candy with colored sugar or other sprinkles right away and leave on the wax paper until the candy is set.

Marshmallow Rainbowrainbow marshmallows

This treat is easy enough for even the smallest of helpers to work on.  Quite simply, trim a rainbow candy belt (I recommend Airheads Xtremes Sour Belts) to fit around a marshmallow.  Wrap the trimmed belts around the marshmallows (cut side down) and arrange the marshmallows like the picture below to create your “rainbow”.



You can either decorate the house with your kids, or leave it to the ‘leprechauns’ to do while the kids sleep.  What a surprise when they wake up in the morning!

  • Those leprechauns are so tricky — imagine the kids surprise when they find that they turned the water in the toilets green (a few drops of green food coloring will do the trick)!

I’ll spare you the picture of the green toilet water – I’m sure you get the gist!

shamrock cutout

Invite your child to cut out paper shamrocks from green construction paper to decorate the house. An easy tip for making shamrocks: Cut out and assemble three hearts and attach them at the points. Add a stem if you wish.  Add an extra twist and turn your shamrocks into Shamrock People – so fun!

march 17 calendar

The best part of a festive St. Patrick’s Day is getting creative – those leprechaun’s are really tricky, and you can be too!

Please share your favorite St. Patrick’s Day tricks & treats (hey, that sounds a bit like Halloween…) with us by commenting at the bottom of this post.

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3 Responses to “Family Fun for St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Nancy March 21, 2013 at 12:41 pm #

    the kids can’t wait to make the mint oreos – yum!!

  2. fpzjr March 23, 2013 at 5:47 pm #

    Love the mint Oreos!

  3. bxjoyce1 March 23, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

    The shamrock on your cheek is a must on parade day!

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